Myths About the Outsourcing

You might be surprised to discover that your business may suffer from the myths around the outsourcing.

Here we share some of the most popular misbeliefs, related to the missed opportunities to outsource particular tasks:

  1. “Outsourcing is breaking my workflow”

    Actually it’s the opposite – the outsourcing is there to aid when you don’t have the proper equipment or enough manufacturing resource and fills the gap.

  2. “Outsourcing destroys our economy as it takes away our jobs”

    Really? The countries with the most powerful economics have the most businesses outsourced, and this is how they grow. Work smart, instead a lot is the idea. Keep the high positioned jobs and pass forward the low end production to achieve the optimal workforce portfolio.

  3. “I am paying to someone else and I am loosing business opportunities”

    If you fall into this judgement, ask yourself why you receive big price drop of your final product immediately (usually up to 20%) when you order it to be outsourced. Actually this is huge boost to your business, and chance to outnumber the competition.

  4. “Quality assurance, terms and conditions – there is no guarantee that the job will be done by my standards”

    For sure this is not easy task and maybe this is a good reason to deny this opportunity… maybe. The only thing is to consider that the battle with competitors that use outsourcing could be lost. And this is why we aid by using our 15+ years proven method in hundreds of successful contracts and satisfied customers, and we can do it again. With you.

    Our motto is “We say what we do, and we do what we say”.

  5. “I am born in UK, there is no better”

    We also love these islands, but the biggest companies don’t really care about this. The world is changing fast, having every day bigger demands on the business. The international cooperation and allocation quickly overcome the old business models. Our service exists for a reason, and there is a big pressure for changes and letting go those myths is part of this.

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