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The relationships with our customers and manufacturers are based on transparency and mutual trust!

We offer a method that works on every scale.
“Trust is OK, control is better!”

Please, make sure you send us as much information is available to you. This will ensure that our engineers will include all the technical data you provide when calculating the price, so you will get the best possible options.


  1. Providing valid up to date technical data is a key factor for precise RFQ:
    1. Do you have DWG or 3D drawings files – “the best way to get precise and rapid quote”?
      PDF drawings are acceptable, but they are slowing the process considerably.
      Note: please, check for unnecessary too tight tolerances at your drawings. Such tolerances will increase the price considerably.
    2. Do you need specific certificates for the materials, manufacturing or control processes?
    3. Do you need additional services and processes, e.g. finishing, packing?
    4. Do you need a prototype?
    5. What is your manufacturing procedure and workflow?
    6. Control and survey:
      – What are the functional dimensions to be controlled? Should be clearly  identified on the drawings.
      – Do you need control from an independent survey body (Lloyd’s Register, Germanischer Lloyd, Beaurau Veritas, TÜV Rheinland or others).
    7. Is your request based on order or the estimation of future project?
    8. When do you want the production to start?
    9. When are your delivery dates?


  2. Gathering the commercial conditions:
    1. Your target price will allow us to make the reasonable choice of materials, processes and manufacturers
    2. The perfect product does not require excessive features
    3. The package could be pricey, so consider it well
    4. Plan your logistics – do you require more than one delivery lots?
    5. Check your requested reporting data
    6. Check the necessary documentation
    7. Confirmation of the price


  3. Prototype phase:
    1. This helps both sides to finalize all order details
    2. Clarifying the terms and conditions of the complete production series and delivery


  4. Final phase:
    1. Validating the factory
    2. Control survey confirmation
    3. Starting manufacturing deliveries




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